Be a genius or filter out the Noise!

You may ask the question - if I'm not getting the result, am I doing it right?

I guess that could be said of many things not least the building of an Ikea bed - ok maybe not a good example, how about Pepsi integrating Facebook and Twitter into their Pepsi Raw campaign.

Can it be assumed that they achieved a great result?
1380 fans on Facebook
500 followers on Twitter (it was 150 a week ago)

Unfortunately I don't have access to the stats, the release dates or the targets the agency (GraphicoDMG) set themselves.

It used to be said that typically a blog would take up to 18 months to gain momentum, build trust and start to create a niche for itself - I would suggest that we have come full circle and this has not changed.

For a while (8 to 3 months ago) due to Twitter and Facebook (largely) the increase in traffic generated was a much shorter time-span.

If you are an online PR Agency or call yourself a PR company that creates seeding and brand building by using social sites and blogs and say to clients - give me a month we'll have major traffic, you'll be laughed off the planet by any professional in this business.

It has got noisier out there. I believe we are in that interesting phase of the early adopters (in social media) are getting a little tired of Twitter and general populous is now getting on board big style.

Ok so your campaign is never going to happen in a month - but you know what 6 months could just about make it work.

That is unless you know someone with a genius idea good at making viral campaigns or work with an Agency that has found a brilliant way to filter out the noise (ahem: tweetabits)!