Where is he now?

It was pointed out to me today by Craig at SalesGap that I seem to be forever on the move and meeting some really interesting folk - with that spirit in mind I will attempt to keep this blog updated not just on my thoughts but on the people I meet and the places I go to.

My day started at 8:00am Pani Solinska a little cafe / restaurant on Broughton Street, in Edinburgh. I was hooking up with my chums the two Davids (David Reid and David Peters of TruthBrands). We have a joint project that is slowly coming to fruition. It's getting to that stage where real commitment is now required and it's getting quite exciting.

A nip back to DF (Studio 128) to catch up with some mail, say hello to the office dog and dash out again to Eteaket alovely little tea shop / cafe / restaurant on Frederick Street, to hook up with another potential project (both supplier and client, which we'll see where it goes).

Whilst Emma and I were there (Emma is the wonderful Sudio Manager at DF) I bumped into Bill Todd of SME Finance and Stuart McLean of St James Place who happens to also be on the Board at EH4 Bizlinx a great support network business owners and networking group - a truly rubbish and uninspiring website... yup they need the help of DF! (DF = http://www.digitalface.co.uk).

Ok so that takes me up to lunch time, where I sit in peace for 30 minutes and write this...

I don't want to bore you but the rest of the afternoon is going to be taken up by getting back to DF and prioritise some proposal writing!

For those of you that didn't realise our office dog is a dalmation belonging to our Creative Director Dave Black - Poppy is the most inactive Dalmation I have ever had the pleasure of coming across - it's either old age or just lazy... she's quite a honey though.


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