I used to rave about the design of particular websites... am I getting long in the tooth, is it taking more for me to go WOW! Or because I view so many sites on a regular basis is it taking a lot for them to be able to make any sort of impact.

Maybe I'm just turning into an old fart who the new generation of sites are not aimed at?

One site that I never seem to tire of viewing is LessRain and it's now ancient. Another used to be Design Chapel - talk about ancient!

They both hold something special to me and I have recently come to recognise it as elements of student life and the associations I have when I was both a student in Manchester and London...

Have you looked at design recently and thought - yup, that's really good and then attempted to assess why you thought it was good?

Go on I dare you!


  1. All the time!

    Get a fast connection and slaver over this beauty:

    Ten years ago we said all web sites would look like this!


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