Creativity in Education

My daughter recently turned 16; she has expressed an interest in Media Studies but is as yet undecided.

We at Digital Face have long been frustrated by the general UK education system and its lack of importance assigned to creative studies throughout primary and secondary education whether art, music or drama. It is of course easier to assign test results to a correct and formulaic process but what as a nation are we producing? Needless to say there is importance in the written word, maths and the sciences but do we nurture creative thought and deed by brushing over or side-lining the creative subjects?

I don't have the answer and it's a topic that has been discussed by wiser people than I; all I will say is that if we are going to better prepare and nurture our sons and daughters, the opportunity to spend time in constructive, creative thought is likely to have a better idea what vocation to decide on when the time comes.

I know that if I ask all of the girls above not one of them knows what job they want to study for - although to be fair a job in a 70's nightclub is looking likely at the moment!

The other element to this discussion is the lack of commercial awareness portrayed by high school leavers... why don't more schools encourage businesses to go into schools to share the way they work and what type of people have succeeded in their industry?

This is an open invitation - I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses and Scotland and have lectured in colleges by request... why not schools?

My daughter... she's the one in the cream dress.