I learnt today that Les and Paul (Showershop 0r @showerguys) feel a huge debt of gratitude towards me due to attending one of my seminars. Les said "I feel we owe you so much!"

The @showerguys are two lads that run a bathroom fitting business. Back in October last year their business had all but dried up - like a tap had been turned off. (can't help it) They figured that spending more money on advertising was speaking to the same people who still were not investing in new bathrooms - they had already been playing around with social media.

Meanwhile I had been invited by @AndyGilpin at West Lothian Council and Business Gateway to present how small businesses could benefit from using social media as a way to reach new customers - the @showerguys were there.

After adopting a social media strategy that fitted with their business they have not only won more business as a direct result but have succeeded in improving on the same period last year!


  1. Although I think social media has a long way to go before it is recognised as a serious mainstream marketing tool for small business, it is worth pointing out that it actually works for real businesses like ours, The ShowerGuys.

    If your struggling to work out how it could work for you, Colin's advice on the importance of having a simple strategy should help. What this meant for us was having a simple plan that involved using daily workplace Twitter updates that point to interesting things on our blog.

    The other vital thing for us was to get it out of the office, off the computer and into our daily routine. This we did with an Apple I-phone.

    We send and recieve Tweets via Twitterfon, update our installations calander and access our quote bank with Google Aps. Our web site features WordPress which is updated from our iphone - quite remarkeable!

    If you would like to know any more about how social media works for us, feel free to get in touch, pop by and have a look at our tweets and visit our site, Google ShowerGuys and you'll find us.

    Best Wishes Les & Paul, The ShowerGuys.


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