I learnt today that Les and Paul (Showershop 0r @showerguys) feel a huge debt of gratitude towards me due to attending one of my seminars. Les said "I feel we owe you so much!"

The @showerguys are two lads that run a bathroom fitting business. Back in October last year their business had all but dried up - like a tap had been turned off. (can't help it) They figured that spending more money on advertising was speaking to the same people who still were not investing in new bathrooms - they had already been playing around with social media.

Meanwhile I had been invited by @AndyGilpin at West Lothian Council and Business Gateway to present how small businesses could benefit from using social media as a way to reach new customers - the @showerguys were there.

After adopting a social media strategy that fitted with their business they have not only won more business as a direct result but have succeeded in improving on the same period last year!

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