Social Networking hints and tips (c/o Chris Brogan) - Laid Bare!

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* Be who you are, not an icon. People want the real public face of you (at least, the “best of” you).
* Speak like a human. Try removing jargon and business-speak. No one says “next generation” in person.
* Go where the people are. If you’re not at the face-to-face events, you’re not really committed to the larger opportunity. (This is really subjective).
* Be ready to apologise. If you do something wrong, say so. (Mind you, be clear on what the legal implications of saying such might be.)
* Ask about other people. If you’re using social tools to try and drive business, be a human about it and ask people about themselves, too. If you’re not participating in both ways, you’re acting like you’re using the community.
* Be helpful. It’s not always about pushing your brand. Sometimes, the best way to get results is to help others be successful. Can you equip others to do their job better? Do that.
* Be there before the sale. The best way to drive stronger marketing experiences and convert people into customers is to be there long before you need something from people. Sure, it takes longer, but I’ve seen lots of situations where this is what brought in the big sale over another person. If your prospect feels like she knows you, it works really well.

You don’t have to do any of this. You can just keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re wondering why social media stuff isn’t working well for you, look at the list above and decide whether you’re giving this work the effort and intent that it requires.

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