A portal for Innovators

There are lots of forums for innovators out there; however the one I favour is sponsored by Channel 4ip (rethinking public service media) and was created by Ewan McIntosh (commissioning editor). The portal (38 minutes) was created with the goal to educate us: "Publicly valuable content & services on digital media platforms with significant impact and in sustainable ways. Answer our call-to-action for new and emergent digital media companies in the UK."

The last call to action (submission by 16th April 2009): "We’re looking to develop ideas that will help make the world’s biggest arts festival feel a little bit smaller" - so if you can imagine: Edinburgh is the world’s festival capital, presenting a fun, unforgettable mix of cultural experiences in an iconic city. Together, the Festivals sell over 3 million tickets, across 40,000 individual performances in over 300 venues. The Festivals are world-famous, and their appeal is manifold, but too many folk find it hard to bump into the culture under their nose - and me and my family are no exception.

Channel 4ip with the assistance of Scottish Enterprise are looking to fund and nurture businesses that have a social benefit to our community - Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are multiple groups to join on the forum but none more handy than "Wanted" a place to offer your services and provide work or job opportunities. Or can I suggest "Feedback Required" if you have an idea or project in mind but have not had the opportunity to share its development.

I was introduced to a guy five weeks ago who had given up a well paid job to concentrate on developing a mobile phone application - he'd been working on it for almost 4 years - but by himself in a closed community of one, protecting his IP. Suffice to say he presented his concept to me because of its social implications and possibilities. His extensive work turned out to be an application that was almost identical to one that I had already installed on my phone a few months previously by a well funded development company. I strongly believe had he the opportunity to share his development in an open environment it could have been adapted to suit another purpose but by being so protective of the IP he'd lost almost 4 years work. Admitedly he's managed to get a few networks to adopt it - yet their entusiasm to work with him has yet to create an income let alone a working business model.

38 minutes is an online forum ideal for finding and working in partnerships or submitting ideas for discussion that will benefit us all in the short and long term.