Brand, Brand, Brand - get this right and the rest will follow

I don't know what it is but I seem to be attracting lots of professional Brand managers, strategists, business developers... and getting involved in promoting Brand workshops, discussing the Brand wheel...

Now Dave our Creative Director at Digital Face knows brands and probably hates the fact that I have struck up conversations with these people but as ever I'm sharing, giving and learning.

I've obviously been subconsciously sending out the signals... Weird!

I have been asked by Mr Brand Thinker and Mr Brand Designer to provide ideas and content but mostly to contribute my vast knowledge of online marketing, distribution and interactivity (social) to a fantastic idea. Obviously I will reveal more as it develops but basically it is a Brand that cuts through all the clutter and choses events, products and services for subscribers. A trend setter that will always be with the 'in-crowd' promoting or providing the best a city can offer. What's more there's chat of Alexa Chung lending her support (even though she's state-side at the moment) - that is until she's caught in a compromising position... then again...

Other brand chat has been with 'Ignite Your Brand' - fab bunch of guys also down in Leith who are working with some great clients and providing not just strategic thinking but design that also creates ambassadors in the companies they're working with to the extent of affecting the way the phone is answered. Now I met Adam (their very switched on Business Developer) at a networking event at Easter Road Stadium, we seemed to hit it off - they need digital support - so we agreed to meet up again. The night before we were due to meet up I got an offer to pitch for a great job (big social networking site) the project is exactly what is needed - however 10 minutes of talking to Adam confirmed in my mind that it was going to be really hard to implement a strategy when the brand was so weak and does not / will not appeal to Joe Public. So we grabbed George (one of the founding partners) and started shooting the breeze about my thoughts - I was right, they were of the same opinion - before we even start on this project we need to get the brand right - so we are offering not only what they want but offering what they need as well - we'll see if it pays off!

And today I had a great meeting with Mike Stevenson and a couple of the team at Design Links (Lesley and Nick) - this chat is all about 'Thinktastic' - for those of you that don't know: Mike is a great motivational speaker and he's doing his best to create a culture of change and positive action through inspiring and thought provoking presentations to all sorts of sectors throughout the UK - he's labeled it 'Thinktastic' - He's got me involved because of my inspirational chat about Zappos and how creating a set of Core Values that are not just sayings but an intrinsic part of the company; their very nature has transformed an online shoe store into a global phenomenon that took $1 billion in 2008 (from zero a few years ago) and primarily using Social media to promote the service (not the product). So together we will turn 'Thinktastic' into a product focussed service that delivers amazing results with real continuing benefits.

First step - look out for the Thinktastic Taxi in a city near you!

Not a name you'll forget in a hurry.