Zappos Part 3


I am still suffering badly from Jet Lag however I wanted to mention a couple of things after my departure from Zappos the other day.

It stems from number one of the Zappos Core Values:

"Deliver WOW through service"

Anne who took me back to the Hotel after my visit (Shuttle Driver and Customer Service) we a had a great chat; subsequently however she made a point of writing me an email that suggested places to go, things to see, what might be fun for the rest of my party. Sent on photographs as reference points - all of it just in passing by way of saying thanks for dropping by!

I joined up (subscribed to) the Zappos Insights website and have already been blown away by the content - arrived in the office today to be welcomed by a letter enthusing about my subscription, a Culture Book (my second one) and a Collectors Edition of Monopoly Game, which all arrived before I had got back to the UK.

Now there is service - we talk about exceeding customers expectations but really do we deliver WOW... time for a rethink.