SME's & CRM tools

Are you a small company managing your client information on an excel spreadsheet?
Every now and then going back to it, updating and editing the contact information, nurturing it and saving it to multiple drives and discs to protect its content?

Can I recommend that a good CRM (customer relationship management) system can make the difference between being an ok business with a modest income to an amazing business with a phenomenal income. This is particularly true of consumer facing businesses.

The more you nurture those relationships the more your customers return to you, remember you and recommend you.

So where do you turn, how much is it going to cost me, what real difference is it going to make? I have case studies of working with companies using social networks as their database - it's a little complex to manage but great for bulk emailing and as a recipient you know it's coming from a trusted source.

There are loads of solutions out there and some like SalesForce have taken the step of creating a solution that works with (integrates) Facebook - I mention this because there lies an interesting question - here we are talking about working with clients in this arena and we have yet to adopt these practices ourselves... why is that?

We are big fans of all this social chat, we've started groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace... I've even presented to vast amounts of businesses on the benefits of applying a clear social marketing strategy and yet we are not maximising it for ourselves - Ok as I have said before it better suits consumer focused products and services but Stephen McOmish from Side-Spin asked me the question this morning:

"So how are you finding it benefit your business?"

He's right of course - and it was only 2 weeks ago that I asked Bela (our Studio Manager) to make a concerted effort to implement a strategy for our own company. Those of you that know me, will have heard me talking about working with social networks 4 years ago... Facebook was only created in 2006! What the hell I have been doing with my own bloody company!!!

Time to start believing in those companies that use their own products and services!


  1. lets you answer customer complaints on Twitter...:


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