Clara Shih & Facebook

Clara Shih was just in London (yesterday) presenting to the "Facebook Garage" giving her insights into Facebook, the times that we live in, the impact it has had and the way we as a populous are changing because of this phenomena.

Clara has published a book "The Facebook Era" which I must confess is ordered not read yet. Here are a couple of interesting facts about Facebook:

1. The bulk of users are 35 - 49 years old
2. The biggest growing group of participants are female over 55 years old.
3. It is (almost) non-existent in Russia
4. There are over 200,000 million users
5. It would take 45 years for 200,000 million babies to be born in the USA
6. The average user spends 20 minutes on Facebook
7. There are currently over 300,000 users on the M8 corridor between Edinburgh & Glasgow
8. It is changing the way we communicate, you trust recommendations from friends
9. We gain access to other online activities using our Facebook Login
10. It is a personal CRM (relationship management) tool that far surpasses those address books you used to loose and update irregularly.

I'll stop there - but you get the picture, if you do nothing else this weekend - take 5 minutes to read this: The Facebook Era


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