Social Media Expert after 2 minutes...

Everyone seems to be a Social Media Expert... there can be no such thing; social media is changing all the time, those of us involved are learning new things every day.

My credentials are only 4 years old, using and implementing social media for clients - we were creating MySpace pages for the music industry in 2005.

We created a UK first in Social Media in 2007 by developing a community site for a business park that allowed the developers to gain further planning permission... eh?

We learnt that the council were stopping further development because of the adverse traffic congestion going into the park (7000 employees across 30 companies). Our solution was to promote cross communication between the businesses by providing a social site allowing car sharing, traffic web cams, bus trackers; the subsequent benefits to the immediate community and businesses has been remarkable. Our biggest challenge was persuading banks, call centres and large corporates that having a social networking site specifically for their employees was a good thing.

Providing strategy is where it starts and looking at its relevance for the overall and bigger picture. Don't get me wrong it's good to have so many people excited about the possibilities it presents; all I ask is be sure what you provide or are provided with is going to work. If you're not sure get in touch with someone that has case studies that prove their value.