Partnering for Innovation

I'm just back from a great event through in the new building "The Hub" at Pacific Quay through in Glasgow, it involved a number of bodies and was labelled "Partnering for Innovation Glasgow".

It was aimed at Creative Industries and Digital Communications in the Knowledge Transfer Network. The cross section of attendees included Scottish Enterprise, Channel 4IP, Shed Media, The List, Institute for Capitalising on Creativity, Scottish Centre for Enabling Technology, Digital Face and of course Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The TSB were the real reason for the event and were there to explain how to obtain funding for innovative products or services in the UK.

Adrian Gillespie, Director of Digital at Scottish Enterprise opened the event, followed by Philip Hargrave who encouraged us all to join "Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network" Jeremy Davenport of Kitten (CITIN) or Creative Industries Technology and Innovation Network also lead the chant - go to - Stuart Cosgrove then told the assembled crue in his inimitable forthright style what they are looking for when comes to finding worthwhile projects to get involved in:
Interactive platforms
Enlightening and very helpful.
The Sian Brereton the 'Lead Technologist - Creative Industries' for the TEB then launched into how to apply for up to £100k or over £100k up to £millions - it's all about technology inspired innovation, change lead innovation and the innovation climate. They're looking for teams that have the capacity to develop and exploit technologies, have the right potential to make a very real impact, assessed the possible market for the innovation and that the TSB can add real value.

Ultimately I made good contacts with about 10 different organisations and it looks like there is the opportunity to work with about 3 of them. Chuffed that I made the effort to attend and thank you in particular to Mags at Shed and Claire (marketing at The Hub).