The corporate blog

Today I have been tasked with converting some sceptics and hesitant enthusiasts into professional bloggers. I will attempt to show the benefits it not only brings to their company but them personally.

As a company owner, MD or CEO my mantra in boardrooms has always been, if you allow your staff to send email allow them to blog. There really is very little difference just consider the audience.

There are lots of arguments for (here are a couple):
SEO - the more activity going on a web page the better your search listings
PR / Brand Awareness - in searches your content is likely to be used in argument and linked to (other bloggers learn of your existence)
Standing in the community - you will soon become a reference point and your opinion saught.

Of course it there must be a few rules for the professional / corporate blog i.e. if you are mentioning a company or person by name make it in a positive light (if can't say anything nice don't say anything at all). The other is a trap people often fall into (I've done it myself in the past) if you are making a comparison be very careful - "the first speaker was great..."

A blog is a two way conversation - encourage comment (by all means police and control it); it is often the first paragraph and the first couple of comments on the post that are read - you need / want to build relationships with your audience even if it is just colleagues in the same company.

Corporations are beginning to realise that more time and investment spent in Customer Care (i.e. allowing feedback on your blog) rather than straight advertising is the way to gain a happy glow from your clients who will mention, talk about, recommend you to their friends and family who (more and more) are online... this is the penny drop moment for many.