Business Gateway Presentation Feedback

Thank you for the invitation and the positive feedback.

My presentation was based around social tools small businesses can use to immediately impact their business.

Employing people like Mike Coulter and myself to create a strategy that effectively makes us redundant in 3 to 6 months by that company or corporation.

Both Mike and I are of the opinion that the old advertising model is broken and that those businesses that are embracing this new(ish) phenomenon of communicating with your consumers, suppliers, partners and supporters using online social tools is the way forward. Spending vast quantities of money on advertising that is interrupting and attempting to force the message is no longer just the way to promote your business.

I attempted to give the overall picture as I see it with social networks, social tools (share icons) and blogs / microblogs. As a user and advocator of these techniques we have proven case studies that it works - not just a little, but a major impact on the business bottomline.

We all have to find those stars in our midst, our employees that already use these tools and allow them the freedom to utilise their own networks. If you as a company owner are worried about what your employees are saying about you or could say about you on a blog or on Twitter...
"You allow them to email!"

Bear in mind that Mike and I are employed for a reason to help create strategies for using social networks - we welcome people and companies that do it already to show the marked difference we can make when you employ someone with grounded experience.