Business Gateway & EBusiness

Tomorrow I have the great fortune to be asked to present to 60 businesses (immediately after their lunch...) through in Livingston. Although daunting I hope to be able to impart the success of using online social tools to promote their businesses.

The event is being sponsored by Business Gateway and organised by Andy Gilpin who heads up the EBusiness division in West Lothian. When Andy approached me with the idea - my immediate reaction was to respectfully decline and hand the mantle over to Mike Coulter... I wasn't allowed, he wanted me. He thinks my story and experience is what these businesses need to hear in order to help grow them.

Thankfully my persuasive techniques worked and Mike has agreed to do a double act - now clearly I don't want to give the game away by telling you what the full story is (before the event) - but suffice to say I'm looking at an overview of social tools with a couple of background stories in addition to something they can do right now that will make a marked difference to their existing websites. Mike is looking at Twitter, managing social media and where to go now they have an understanding.

Looking forward Mike and I are looking at creating a monthly / fortnightly workshop (over 6 months) for Businesses to attend to get a better understanding of social media and how to use it to promote and market their companies.