What is it with age and time in the business...

Recently I have met or been introduced to two people a week apart - one was in the FBI for 20 years, the other was in MI5 for 20 years.

Fascinating people - Ed Gibson is the Head of Microsoft Security and worked for the FBI (he didn't know where the X Files were kept and assured me that they don't use hockey masks for convicts that are wheeled around on trolleys...).

Some of you may be thinking that Microsoft Security is a contradiction in terms (an intriguing point I'll admit) however Ed made some seriously interesting points, not least the web cam that's pointing at you now - if you have kids cover it or point it to the ceiling; it would take him 30 minutes to be watching you without you knowing. The other was the chatroom online sites that ask for your name, date of birth... you talk to school friends, family... the whole identity theft issue is very real and remarkably simple if you know what you're doing.

MI5 - Andrew Fulton the new Chaiman of the Scottish Tory Party; a mate of mine Hogie (Allan Hogarth - Mr PR & Events) introduced me to Andrew who has invited me to join the SNABC (Scottish North American Business Council) - a networking group that promotes business between Scottish and American Business. Andrew who has worked for his fair share of governments is now alowed to pin his colours to the mast is bringing an interesting angle to the communication of the Scottish Tories.

I don't know what my mate Hugh would bring to me meeting these two but I can guess (see cartoon widget above).