Knowledge Management and Social Networks

I have just returned from a lecture at Napier University in Edinburgh where I was invited to speak to 4th year students - their module was Knowledge Management.

I was asked by Dr Hazel Hall at the Computer School to discuss the practical benefits surrounding the successful implementation of providing a bespoke 'Social Network' for a business park (Edinburgh Park).

My talk centred around the necessity of the developers on the park to have a 'Green Travel' plan for the park in order to be granted further planning permission. Due to the increased number of employees working on the park and its location next to the Gyle, M8, Edinburgh Bypass, main thoroughfair into Edinburgh, vacinity to Edinburgh Airport and the Forth Bridge traffic congestion has been an issue.

Due to the creation of a community or social networking site this has allowed the promotion of car sharing, bus and train routes and timetables, cycle paths, traffic web cams whilst also offering discount vouchers for purchasing from other local community suppliers. Hazel: "Many thanks for coming to speak to the students this afternoon. It was great to see a practical implementation of the theoretical concepts associated with KM (knowledge management) that we have been discussing in class over the past six weeks. I expect to see reference to this in the concept maps that the students are producing for assessment on Thursday."