Corporate and Social Responsibility

My company Digital Face passionately believe in a responsible work ethic. Putting ourselves in the glare of our community and our stakeholders. With this in mind we are continually re-evaluating every aspect of our business to ensure our governance. Environmental management, labour standards, social equity and employee relations are analysed and kept in check.

Digital Face fully recognises its responsibilities to all stakeholders in the company, whether employees, suppliers, clients, shareholders or members of the communities it serves.

Digital Face strives to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and professionalism in all of its commercial dealings and proactively addresses the needs of our shared environment, by way of its responsible and supportive community-based approach.

This is reflected in our commitment to the pursuit of sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction and to our wide-ranging support for local community and charitable initiatives.

With a robust and integrated procedurally-based structure, Digital Face is geared to ensuring the development of the highest possible standards across the company. All parts of the company passionately support the structured approach to both personal and team development, at all levels of the organisation. All areas have a well-developed internal communication structure, which seeks to involve all members of the Digital Face team in the pursuit of common goals.