CentOtre / ECM / Thank You's

Edinburgh Coffee Morning hosted at CentOtre is a gathering of the good and great (and some attempts) of the tech, media, entrepreneur sorts who are able to get out of bed in preparation to listen to some laid back tunes whilst delighting in excellent coffee and nosh. I should say the tunes are piped - the real reason of course is to discuss what is topical in our world.

Topics range from the
online marketing team behind Obama's Presidential campaign, the benefits of Cloud computing to new business case studies for Twitter and of course software v's software, the latest iphone app...

Typical attendees can vary from PR, photographers, Channel 4 commissioning editors, geeks of all shapes and sizes.

This morning I just wanted to say a couple of Thank you's - specifically Andy Gilpin from Business Gateway - E'Business, great to see you and I look forward to the West Lothian event on the 11th March.

The other 'Thank You' is to Juliet Lawrence Wilson - the provider of my winning raffle prize at the Ed Twestival - wow, I hope the picture does it some justice (will post later... honest). Tweed covers for my laptop and blackberry, seriously awesome.