Bizlinx - Sport Scotland

Networking... not online but face to face, it's a great thing when you get it right. I chair one networking group (temporary post) 'First for Business', it meets at 7:00am at a Hotel on the outskirts of Edinburgh with people like Anderson Strathern, RBS, Thomson Bethune and Euler Hermes attending. ECM you've heard me talk about already. There's also Thrive for Business run by Amanda Kremer - now there's an interesting person - there's no doubting her passion and commitment. Winning Entrepreneurs run by Belinda Roberts, she's just asked me to join, needless to say I've accepted.

One however is doing really well for me at the moment - Bizlinx (EH4) our chapter is run by Ewan Menzies of The Infinite Group; yesterday I attended a session at Sport Scotland which Ewan had coordinated. I think there are in the region of 54 sporting bodies in Scotland all part of the Scottish Sports Association.

This was something that had never been attempted before; Ewan had arranged for the CEO's of Tennis, Cycling, Hockey, Judo, Rowing and Squash and introduced business owners to them as an opportunity to assess whether they may benefit from a business / commercial world approach to better promote membership, integrate infrastructure, assess cost cutting opportunities... the list goes on. In my opinion it was a great success and I would like to thank all who took part, in particular Chris Robison the Policy Director of Sport Scotland for seeing the opportunities that it may open up to all his member sports associations.

Needless to say Digital Face made a couple of appointments... watch this space.