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Update on Colin Gilchrist April 2017

I've now spent time working in Las Vegas, London and Lithuania (Kaunus).  Although now very happy to reside in Leith.
I'm an Angel investor in a number of Startups (SAAS to Pharma). I've helped launch 6 new companies (in the last 10 years) - film and tv, ad agency, social media app, pre-role ad software, fashion brand (wholesale) and an eco-fashion brand (wholesale).

Currently I'm involved in the research for a 3DP solution in the Scottish textiles manufacturing sector. I am also in the throes of writing a novel (suspense, adventure); and trying the minimalists lifestyle (downsized home, no car, yada, yada, yada - feel more free than ever).

I've interviewed Gary Vaynerchuk's copywriter and like most of what the guy (GaryVee) says, and through him, introduced Casey Neistat to my daughter Talor Gilchrist who (aside from blogging) is now a fully fledged Youtuber / Vlogger: her channel bears a remarkable similarity to Casey's...

I'm a business mentor for a…

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